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Miss Kimble Bites Back (Distinguished Rogues series #21) (Revenge of the Wallflowers multi author series #28)

Miss Kimble Bites Back (Distinguished Rogues series #21) (Revenge of the Wallflowers multi author series #28)

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Coming to the world of Revenge of the Wallflowers and the Distinguished Rogues… a rake and a wallflower romance.

Gabby Kimble knew just who she wanted at the start of her first season. So why is she spending so much time with an allegedly wicked duke and defending him instead?

A steamy regency standalone romance.


Main Tropes

  • Enemies to lovers
  • He falls first
  • Second chance romance


It’s Gabrielle Kimble’s first season in London, and like most young women, she’s determined to make a good match. She’s set her sights on marriage to a good man, someone handsome and witty and oh so charming. When the opportunity comes to speak privately to her choice at a ball, she takes a bold risk with her reputation—only to find herself in a deserted room and overwhelmed by the notorious Duke of Mamble! Gabby cannot deny the man has a presence, but why can she not stay away from an allegedly cruel duke?


Sebastien Spence, Duke of Mamble, knows precisely what society whispers about him behind his back and would normally ignore the disapproving stares aimed his way. However, when one bold debutant mistakes him for the most unexciting man in London, and declares her love for him too, their provocative encounter tempts him to set the record straight. Dancing with the wallflower once should have been enough to save Gabby from disappointment, but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine she could turn his head so completely. Does he dare trust her with his secrets, and his heart, when she’s clearly still in pursuit of another man?

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Distinguished Rogues Series

The Distinguished Rogues have the world at their feet, but they may have met their match in this ongoing steamy series.
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