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Wicked Mourning (Naughty and Nice series #5)

Wicked Mourning (Naughty and Nice series #5)

Reginald longs for Clara to put aside her grief for her philandering husband, but can he convince her to choose a new life with the man who stood by her, no matter the obstacle?

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Widow Clara Blackstone is a faithful woman who has mourned her philandering husband for the last six months. Sheltered from pity and whispering tongues at a friend’s country estate, Clara awaits the birth of her first child with mounting confusion. Despite the tiny life growing inside her, she dreams of passion in her friend’s arms. And the erotic fantasies grow more compelling every day.

When Reginald Moore’s wife died in the arms of her lover, Clara’s husband, he whisked pregnant Clara away from false friends to protect her from the strain of the scandal. After six months of mourning, Reggie is done thinking of his faithless wife and, despite his originally noble intentions, he longs to have Clara in his bed—unborn child and all. Are his skills of persuasion enough to convince Clara to choose a new life with the one who stood by her, no matter how improper it might seem?

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Naughty and Nice Series

Flirty, dirty, wicked romance. These naughty and nice regency romance romps are quick reads—novella and short stories.
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