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A Husband for Mary (Naughty and Nice series #6)

A Husband for Mary (Naughty and Nice series #6)

She intends to break the rules, but he never meant to help her.

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Miss Mary Vine stole into the decadent Fenwick Masquerade for the thrill of forbidden adventure and the evening was everything she dreamed at first. She was quickly swept away by a mysterious and undeniably handsome stranger, but little did she suspect that the man seducing her was Mr Ellis Worth, London's most disgraceful rake and someone who knew her far well. While astonished by their mutual attraction, it seems clear her secret rebellion would end before it ever truly began.

Removing his lover’s mask revealed not just a captivating face but the countenance of the most vexing woman of Ellis’ acquaintance—his best friend’s younger sister. Ellis understands Mary’s wish rebel all too well, but he has no wish to embroil either one of them in a scandal that might see them forced to wed or have him shot by her brother. But with the lines between dislike and desire now blurred, does he mind that he helped her break the rules…and could help her break even more?

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Naughty and Nice Series

Flirty, dirty, wicked romance. These naughty and nice regency romance romps are quick reads—novella and short stories.
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