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Yours Until Dawn (Distinguished Rogues series #19) Audiobook

Yours Until Dawn (Distinguished Rogues series #19) Audiobook

Lord Sullivan, returned to London for one purpose only—to find a second bride and live happily ever after again. But, under pressure from his family, he turns to a past confidant for advice—only to become thoroughly distracted by his maddening mentor. 


Digitally narrated using the voice of Alistair
Running Time: 8 hours 37 minutes

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Main Tropes

  • Friends to Lovers
  • Emotional Scars
  • Afraid to Commit


Lord Sullivan loved and lost and has returned to London for one purpose only—to find a second bride and have another chance to live happily ever after. But, the widowed earl foolishly promised to marry this season or allow his family to choose his new bride. When the right woman, from the right family, with the right level of appeal, proves utterly elusive, he turns to a discreet matchmaker for help.

Aurora Hillcrest loves the thrill of new romance, but, as she tells the handsome Lord Sullivan, she does not believe love is vital for his future marriage. His heart still belongs to his late first wife anyway. She’s eager to get him to the altar by any means possible—short of marrying him herself, of course.

With Lord Sullivan satisfactorily wed, her new venture as a matchmaker will earn a valuable letter of recommendation to show future clients. Indeed, what could be simpler than matching an outwardly proper—and privately lusty—earl with…well, she’ll think of someone to take him on. Even if that eventuality begins to bother her more than it should.

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