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The Duke and I (Saints and Sinners series #1) Audiobook

The Duke and I (Saints and Sinners series #1) Audiobook

The widowed Duke of Stapleton normally abhors Christmas nonsense, but he grudgingly hosts a house party to prepare his youngest daughter for marriage. But when a steamy kiss exchanged under mistletoe leads to flirtation and more with his daughter’s companion is it possible to secure his own happy match too?


This recording has been digitally produced by DeepZen Limited, using a synthesized version of an audiobook narrator’s voice under license.
Running Time: 3 hours 7 minutes

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Main Tropes

  • Widowed Duke
  • Mature Heroine
  • Christmas Romance


Widowed Nicolas Westfall, the Duke of Stapleton, cannot prevent the upcoming debut for his youngest daughter no matter how much he wishes her eventual marriage wouldn’t leave him all alone. Convinced to host a Christmas Ball to prepare her for the season, he’s aware he’s considered a catch on the marriage mart too, but Nicolas is drawn to companion Gillian Thorpe instead.

Gillian was hired to prepare the duke’s daughter for her first season, but its not easy when the girl hasn’t the least interest in the men and the widowed father makes her knees weak when he laughs with her. Gillian respects and admires (perhaps too frequently) the Duke of Stapleton and when she’s lured into a mistletoe kiss with him, will she be able to stop at one or even want to?

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