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The Ultimate eBook Bundle

The Ultimate eBook Bundle

Twelve Sizzling Regency Romances to Take Your Breath Away.

From the quill of USA Today Bestselling Author, Heather Boyd, comes an unparalleled collection of steamy Regency tales that will ignite your deepest desires and have even your grandmother clutching her pearls!


“This simply must be a terrible mistake?”

“As far as I can tell, this is the bulk of your extravagances,” Mr. Medley, her family’s man of business, assured her.

“You said there might be more?”

“It would be useful if your mother had kept a record. I've often requested prompt notice of her spending, but she has never obliged me in that regard.”

“I thank you for bringing this matter to my direct attention. You can be sure we will provide the funds as soon as possible.”

“There is only one bill that I truly care about. That one I would appreciate payment on as a matter of some urgency.”

He added another paper to the pile.

“What is that last bill?”

“It is not a bill, Miss Grange, it is my notice. In all my years in business, I never entertained the notion that I would have two such frivolous women in need of my services. You are both horrifically excessive in your tastes and should be heartily ashamed of yourselves for squandering a fortune such as you were granted. Debtors’ prison will teach you to curb your—”

“That will be enough.” A chilling voice cracked across the room, halting Mr. Medley’s tirade mid-sentence.

Constance dropped her gaze to her lap. Of all the mortifying events that could occur today, this interruption ranked the highest. Why couldn’t the Marquess of Ettington be busy elsewhere today?


Begin with "Chills," the first tantalizing tale in the Distinguished Rogues series. Join Constance in a world of reckless spending, scandalous correspondence, and the delicious twists of falling for the most unexpected rogue.

Then escape into the intrigue of the Wild Randalls, starting with "Engaging the Enemy," and surrender to more heart-fluttering romance with the Distinguished Rogues series.

Enjoy exclusive bonus content that's so spicy, it's bound to be whispered about in hushed tones at every ballroom! Relish the "Chills 2nd Epilogue SCENE," the sultry "One Wicked Night" short story, and the scandalous "Miss Watson's First Scandal" novella.

Twelve novels. Countless stolen glances. Forbidden attractions. Scandalous affairs.

This bundle promises it all and then some. And remember, this exclusive offer is so hot, it's not available anywhere else!

Scroll up and get your bundle now!

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