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Scandalous Brides Book Bundle

Scandalous Brides Book Bundle

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Scandals rarely take place in the center of the ballroom, but on the fringes anything is possible.

Wicked with Him:  When Amity Sweet begged Roman Crawford to ruin her to avoid marriage, neither expected to feel such wicked passion…or unforgiving longing after the deed. Circumstances separate them. Desire and need bring them back together. A cunning ruse may ensure they never part again.

Desperately Seeking Seduction:  When Lord Stratford finds his new valet is keeping an outrageous secret, discovery could bring shame upon both himself and his brother, the new Duke of Ravenswood, whose duchy is already in dire straits. It will take an unexpected attraction, a long-forgotten painting, and a demanding houseguest to avoid a “Sweet” scandal.

Love and Other Disasters:  Lord Jasper Sweet, the overlooked third son of a duke, is forced to endure a summer at his family’s estate and with his nephew’s prickly governess underfoot, too. He expected disapproval—not working together to make all his dreams come true. Was Sophie ever as good as she first seemed?

Heather Boyd, a USA Today Bestselling Author, has written more than 50 books and has sold over 2 million copies world-wide.


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