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Naughty and Nice Book Bundle

Naughty and Nice Book Bundle

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Flirty, fun, wicked romance. These regency romps are quick reads—novella and short stories.

One Wicked Night: Charlotte lost everything but her desire for Benedict. Can she keep her identity hidden long enough to savor one night with the man of her dreams?

In the Widow's Bed: Experienced, discreet and available for a midnight tryst. Luckily for Jonathan, Lady Warminster never mentioned age as an impediment to sharing her bed.

Love Me Tender: Viscount Ramsbury can't resist the temptation of seducing the elusive widow, but will is a short lived affair be enough to satisfy them both?

Love Me True: Claribel’s plan to win the heart of Lord Ramsbury backfires spectacularly, leaving her in the arms of a man she barely knows. Can she navigate the scandal and find happiness with Lord Justin, the man who has somehow captured her heart?

Wicked Mourning: Reginald Moore longs for Clara Blackstone to put aside her grief for her philandering husband, unaware the pregnant woman fantasizes about him every day. When a brief private interlude reveals the depths of their desires, can Reggie convince Clara to choose a new life with the one who stood by her, no matter the obstacle?

A Husband for Mary: When Mary Vine kissed a handsome stranger at the Fenwick Masquerade, she never imagined the extraordinary attraction could be for the most disgraceful rake in London. 

A Ramshackle Start: His sister’s wedding was supposed to clear the way for his courtship of the woman he adores…not end it before it can even begin.

Let it Snow: When the worst scoundrel in her acquaintance rescues Yvette from a winter storm, she fears a holiday spent dodging his attempts at seduction. But more than one yuletide surprise awaits as she discovers Luc is a man of surprising patience, deportment, and passion for just one woman…Yvette herself. 

Coming Together: Lady Katherine is desperate to avoid marriage to an aging earl. Her only hope it seems is to snare the wicked Lord Standish and ignore her troubling attraction to his identical twin brother. But what is she to think when she gets this note: The Edwards twins come together. Accept Lord Standish when he asks for your hand and all will be well.

Unforgettable: Dudley Rose spent ten years building his fortune, but the one thing he needs is still out of reach: love. Will he finally be able to win Lucy’s heart, or is he years too late?

Heather Boyd, a USA Today Bestselling Author, has written more than 50 books and has sold over 2 million copies world-wide. 


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