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Hunt Club Book Bundle

Hunt Club Book Bundle

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The members of London’s Hunt Club delight in all kinds of mischief, but their dark passions must remain hidden to protect themselves and those they love from scandal. Double the hero – Double the danger.

The Hunt Club series is a scorching hot gay regency romance read!

Almost an Equal: When the Duke of Byworth’s empty marriage is threatened by the revelations in his wife’s diary, both he and his steward, Henry Stackpool, attempt to recover it separately. Yet they are drawn together by the secrets of their past and an intoxicating mutual lust. But can true happiness exist for a duke and a former whore when their positions in society are so unequal?

Barely a Master: The trappings of wealth and power give the Duke of Lewes little joy and certainly no pleasure. Tormented by grave mistakes he made with a past lover, Aiden’s determined to end it all. Terrance Bridgewater is in London briefly en route to a ship bound for the continent to see the things he’s only read about. Running into the dark and dangerous Duke of Lewes is a complication he’d hoped to avoid.

Hardly a Stranger: The Duke of Staines has the worst luck in wives and lovers. A widow for fifteen years, Ambrose is busy running his gentleman’s club, snatches pleasure from transient lovers, and relies on Francis Redding to provide intelligent companionship between social engagements. There is only one problem with his relationship with Redding; the man would make the perfect lover, if only he wasn’t a dependent servant.

Just a Dream: On the surface, Raphael and James have everything they need until James’ upcoming birthday forces both to reassess what James’ well-ordered, respectable life lacks most—forbidden passion. Can James follow through with his well-reasoned, sensible decision when a man who knows what he wants, needs him too?

Never a Gentleman: Victor Knight has never been able to juggle his work and love life to anyone’s satisfaction. When an evening at the Hunt Club ends in blistering sex with the Earl of Beecroft, Victor welcomes the distraction from the problems afflicting his business until his lover appears entwined in them.

Once a Husband: Angelo Marinari limped away from his life gravely wounded once but when fate lands the love of his life at his feet again—bloody and beaten and breathtakingly defiant—is he strong enough to abandon Lord Bracknell twice when he and his son are in grave danger?

Heather Boyd, a USA Today Bestselling Author, has written more than 50 books and has sold over 2 million copies world-wide.


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