Coming Soon: Unforgettable

No room at the inn?

What about in her heart?

After her husband’s death left her a tenant in her own home, Lucy Thorne’s future was bleak. Turning neighbor Dudley Rose’s long-abandoned home into a thriving tourist destination was not her idea, but it did temporarily solve one of her problems. Yet with every year that passes without seeing Dudley again, Lucy has stubbornly clung to the hope he’d return. If he did, he would discover that he was dearly longed for.

Widower Dudley Rose has returned home after ten long years, possessing a fortune but with no one to spend it on. However, in his absence, his property has become a popular travelers' inn and run by the very woman who drove him to leave the sleepy village. What’s more astonishing is that the unforgettable Lucy Thorne is now a widow…and even more tempting than in his dreams. Does Dudley stand a chance to win her heart, or must his love continue unrequited?

Unforgettable is a steamy Naughty and Nice standalone regency romance short story. 

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